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Frog Fitness

Frog Fitness is the first concurrent strength and aerobic training device.

This Total Body Training Device will work every major muscle in your body, either individually to target and exhaust them, one or ALL AT ONCE! Every major muscle group simultaneously! Nothing works the entire body like the Frog!

Weight : 72 lbs

Dimensions : 53" x 17" x 18"
Contents :

Front Axle, Rear Axle, Front Axle Foam Pad, Two Left Wheels, Two Right Wheels, Two 10lb Resistance Bands, Two 20lb Resistance Bands, Two 40lb Resistance Bands, Two 60lb Resistance Bands, One Removable Center Pad Wheel, Two Vertical Stabilizer Bars, Two Foot Pads, Assembly Guide.

Signature Exercises :

Superman’s, Leapers, Core Killers, Mojo’s.

Vertical Exercises :

Squats Front, Squat Back, Triceps Extensions, Curls, Good Morning’s, Shoulder Press Front, Shoulder Press Rear, Triceps Press, Upright Row, Upright Row Reverse Grip, Shoulder Raise Pronation, Shoulder Raise Supination, VM Push-Up, VM Core Killers, VM Dips.


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